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On the status of China's mining machinery industry

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group
Henan hongji mining machinery Co., LTD. is a multi-mine production, sales, research and mining machinery and equipment to survive the quality, integrity management enterprise. Mining machinery and equipment are heavy machinery and equipment, investment costs are relatively large, mining machinery industry, development prospects good, but the development of and demand for jaw crusher is dependent on the national fixed assets investment in China is a socialist country, many large construction project development must be based on the ability to engage in national development. At the beginning of last year's economic crisis, China has invested 4 trillion of funds for the construction of fixed assets of state,so that our mining machinery industry  has played a very beneficial role in promoting,  led the mining machinery industry investment boom.
In recent years the country although in control of investment in fixed assets, but the heat did not affect the development of the mining machine industry, mining machine industry this year to the increase of investment from, from mine machine industry in 2000 ~ 2009 of fixed assets steady growth can explain, mining machinery industry return on capital is higher than the average return on assets, is worth the investment of social capital. From our country mining machinery industry market situation, have increased the China foreign investment, the world's largest engineering machinery manufacturer American caterpillar had announced plans in China construction machinery market investment of 10 billion us dollars, in the face of foreign capital so strong offensive, domestic enterprises are facing serious challenges.
 Henan hongji mining machinery Co., LTD. with high pressure roller suspension mill, the patent in a mill equipment on the magic weapon of the company has, at the same time the company understand what all not immutable, also did not give up on research and development of new products. Based on the advantage products, do well the research projects, expanding the scale, contributed to the company's brand, the company is in the last five years the goals and direction.
The state formulates "twelfth-five" planning relevant promote upgrading of the industrial structure of the content, stressed the need to improve the important technical equipment localization, the country will mainly in the level of efficient and cleaner power generation and transmission, large petroleum chemical industry, mining machinery and equipment, transportation equipment, advanced and applicable high-grade numerical control machine, automatic control, integrated circuit equipment and advanced power device etc strengthening policy support. It can be concluded that, along with the future construction machinery industry layout, the industry will gradually open competition to further, the market sales will further to large enterprises, showing a strong focus on the strong and the weak weaker trend, domestic enterprises will need to rely on their own power and multinational company over. In the country to make construction project we mining machinery industry will have a lot of application, mining machinery in mine development, highway construction, chemical raw materials powder processing, the dressing, building materials raw material processing, metallurgy equipment and so on the industry's operations are also cannot leave the mining machinery, the crusher, mill system of equipment such as sand machine, such countries to the funds into the investment in fixed assets, will drive the mine machine industry.

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