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The features of crusher machine such as ball mill

Release date : 2014-06-22      Source : Hongji Group

Henan hongji mining machinery limited company is an import and export enterprises, to the production of large and medium-sized series of mining machinery, metallurgy, building materials equipment, set the development, production, sales as one of the joint-stock enterprises, the company main products for jaw crusher and impact crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher the counter-attack efficient fine crusher, compound crusher,ball mill, crusher series complete set of stone production line, mining beneficiation equipment such as a series of complete sets of production line, complete sets of stone gravel production line.

Now try to understand the characteristics of these crusher machines .

1.Machine equipment assets are assets of the enterprise as a whole has a component, it is usually associated with the other assets, such as buildings, land, current assets, intangible assets, to accomplish a particular.

2.production. Generally do not have independent profit ability. So in the appraisal of machinery and equipment, accrual method use is very limited, usually using the cost method and market method.

3.For the overall equipment, it is to realize a certain function, composed of a plurality of machine equipment consisting of an organic whole. In value analysis should pay attention to asset the organic connection between influence to value, integral value not just a single equipment simple addition.

4. Machine device has a portion of immovable property or between the movable and immovable property between the solid object, they need to be permanently or for a period of time in a certain way mounted on land or buildings, moving these assets will likely lead to equipment partial loss or complete failure

5.The impact of machine equipment of many factors, equipment wear and failure regularity is not easy to determine, the individual difference is big. Determining depreciation by mesa of equipment entities were investigated and identified

6.Equipment depreciation factors are complex, in addition to physical depreciation, often still have functional depreciation and economic depreciation. The development of science and technology, national energy policy, environmental policy, may have equipment to assess the value of the impact.

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