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Development of new type jaw crusher supplied by Hongji Group

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

1. New type jaw crusher

The most common jaw crusher in the world now is the jaw crusher invented by Blake . In 1985, Blake obtained the patent right of this type of jaw crusher. One of the most biggest weakness of the jaw crusher is  that there is only half of the time work in a wrok cycle. But we have made  many  achievemants since the 1980 s. For example, the broken professor Wang Hongzhu and his students Ding Peihong in our country development GXUE series deep cavity jaw crusher, this type of jaw crusher cited the concept "dynamic tooth angle" and cause certain sensation in domestic at that time. Because the processing power of this type of jaw crusher can impover 20%-25% and the service life of gear plate can impove 1-2 times compared with the same specification crusher in the same conditions.  This machine uses negative support and zero suspension quantity. The second generation of the hypoid type cavity GXl250X400 with a comprehensive imporvement in the basis of the first generation, increase the crushing ratio and reduce the size of product, the biggest feeding grain size of 220 mm, production for 5-16 t/h, the adjustment range of discharging mouth is 10-40 mm, the compressive strength of feeding is less than 300 Mpa. And the largest pendulum jaw crusher now in China is 200FilmX1500mm.

2. Jaw roll crusher

Jaw roll crusher is made the high efficiency and energy saving jaw crusher and roll crusher organic unifies together, the working principle of jaw roll crusher is as follow: The motor or wood oil machine drive to the active roller department of roll crusher, and the active roller crusher department reverse operation after the drive of bridge type gear. At the same time, the other side of active roller crusher department adjust the safety adjustment device of the gap between two roller by drive the upper cervical crusher, and  it can get the final request size just do this. Jaw roll crusher has the following advantages, such as big broken ratio, high efficiency and energy saving, small volume, light weight,  mobile flexible. especially for small and medium-sized mining and construction site material broken, and also can be used as "mobile choose the enterprise" supporting broken system.

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Sources: http://www.chinahongji.com


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