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Good practice of jaw crusher

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

Hongji jaw crusher works for hardest rock and recycle supplies. In stone crushing plant, as an example, our jaw crushers can function continuously with trustworthy top quality and crushing economy. Our jaw crusher machine works for both stationary and mobile crushing procedure.

Coupled with unique high-quality cast steel components and sturdy wear parts, our jaw crusher is capable of doing exceptionally high crushing availability, cost-efficient crushing and low priced per ton.

You'll need some main crushing equipment or secondary crushing equipment within your quarry mining plant. You'll be able to decide on our jaw crusher as main crushers. It is so vital that you pick the correct crusher for every reduction stage we highly recommend for you our jaw crusher. Also, you can use jaw crusher since the most cost-effective option.

For up to Half a century, Hongji has becoming supplying mining and construction services and products to quarrying, mining, construction and recycling industries worldwide. You happen to be most thanks for visiting pay a visit to our organization and judge our items. You happen to be most thanks for visiting check out our organization and judge our goods.

Good practice of jaw crusher:

Jaw crushers needs to be fed an even rate of feed that may resulted in crushing chamber becoming kept full always. This may bring about far more stone-on-stone crushing, lowering the wear for the (jaw die) manganese wear plates, setting up a a lot more cubical item, and bring about far more even wear on the entire jaw die

Typically all material smaller compared to the release gap needs to be removed (scalped) until you are fed in to the jaw crusher. This can boost the tons each hour of total production through the plant, and lower wear about the jaw dies. It will lessen fines production and enhance cubical item.

A jaw crusher mustn't be sized on the maximum size rock that could be fed for the plant, but a size that may deal with 95-98% from the material that could be fed for the jaw. Purchasing towards the maximum height and width of rock that could be fed the jaw will lead to investing in a jaw crusher which will be under-utilized, hard to maintain choke-fed, be more pricey than needed, this will let you higher operating price. It'll cost you much less to setup grizzly bars within the feed hopper to take out the oversize rocks rather than acquire an over-sized jaw crusher. They might then be manually broken, sold as rip-rap or erosion control or landscaping boulders.

Hongji is surely an old and renowned jaw crusher manufacturer and exporter in China which has been established in 1960. In case you have any need to have, please e mail us whenever you want.

Sources: http://www.chinahongji.com

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