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Working principle and structural options that come with Jaw Crusher

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

Jaw crusher is surely an old and well-known crusher traditionally used in several industries. Hongji is often a specialist crusher producer in China, which has been founded in 1960. For several years, our crusher are actually sold to any or all around the globe. The jaw crusher mainly is made of:

fixed jaw plate
toggle seat
eccentric shaft
right and left protecting boards
toggle plate
moving jaw plate
moving jaw

elements and parts for example oil stress lifter (figure one)
The motor drives eccentric shaft using a delta belt fixed inside a grooved pulley, that makes moving jaw move repeatedly to be able to smash materials in smashing tooth cavity.
Fixed jaw plate of frame front wall is fixed based on all over the place defending boards and holding down bolts, while movable jaw plate is pressed closely on moving jaw based on battens. Once the jaw plates are abraded (usually under side from the jaw plate is abraded severely), inverted and keep using them.

Toggle plate can't only bear the load of movable jaw, and also protect the rest with the equipment from harming. When un-broken overseas materials enter in to crushing cavity which ends up in heavy load improve of toggle plate, the toggle plate fights itself to reduce from the heavy load to be able to protect other regions with the jaw crushers.

Sources: http://www.chinahongji.com

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