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The functions and structure of ball mill

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

Ball mill is essential equipment for grinding after supplies are crushed. It\'s an efficient tool for grinding a variety of materials into powder. You can find two methods of grinding: the dry procedure and also the wet procedure. It can also be split up into tabular type and flowing kind based on different types of discharging material. Ball mills are widely applied in cement business, chemical business, new creating materials, fire-resistant materials, eco-friendly fertilizer, porcelain and glass market etc.

Ball Mill Spares Parts:

Ball Mill is made of feeding component, discharging portion, gyre portion, tranny portion (reducer, little transmission gear, motor, and electro-mechanical controller) and so on. We at the same time provide spare parts and first wear parts associated with the ball mill.

Ball Mill Functions:

1. The ball curler mill product runs steadily and efficiently;

2. The barrel person is inlaid with wearable plates;

3. The hollowed out axis adopts the cast steel as well as the lining may be exchanged. The large rotary gear is forged from cast rolling gears;

Hongji is really a ball mill designer in China, and started in 1960. When you have any question, please for totally free to call us without notice.

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