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The working principle of ball mill

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

Ball mill is a kind of high mechanical fine grind machine widely used in industry . The main function of ball mill is to smash the materials again after the materials broken first. Ball mill can divided into horizontal ball mill, energy-saving ball mill, the overflow type ball mill, ceramics ball mill, grid ball mill , etc.

Ball mill was mainly make up by feeding department, discharging department, rotary department, transmission parts,etc. And its working principle is as followings.

When ball mill works, the materials evenly into the first storehouse of mill from the  feeding device , there has  ladder foils or corrugated foils in the  warehouse and outfit different specifications inside. The steel ball to a certain height at the centrifugal force which was produced by cylinder rotating . So  produce slams and abrasive to the materials and the materials reached coarse grinding in the first storehouse. Later, the materials with coarse grinding into the second storehouse by the single-layer diaphragms. It is also has flat steel lining board and steel ball in the second storehouse, further grinding materials. Then the powder eduction through the unloading lift board, finish the grinding operations.

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