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The working principle of hammer crusher

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

Hammer crusher is a kind of machine widely used in crushing medium hardness materials such as Limestone, slag, coke and coal in Cement, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy , etc. In this ariticle, we discuss the working principle of hammer crusher.

Hammer crusher broken materials mainly rely on impact. The crushing process is roughly like this, materials into the hammer crusher,  and broken by the impact of high-speed rotary hammer head. Then the broken materials obtained kinetic energy from the hammer head and rushed to frame and screen with high speed. The materials collisions with each other at the same time, after repeatedly broken,the materials less than sieve article  eduction from the gap. Individual larger materials impact by the hammer head again, grinding, extrusion and broken. At last eduction from the gap. Thus obtaining products with required size.

Hongji is a hammer crusher manufacturer and exporter in China and was established in 1960. Hongji is an old and famous mining machinery company, and focus on  crusher field for many years. We continue to introduce technology, reform and innovation. Now , the hammer crusher product by hongji  has more advantages than common hammer crusher. Our crusher all have super quality and competitive price. For many years , our crusher sold to all over the world and achieved hot welcomed.

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