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The main parts of jaw crusher

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

Jaw crusher is a famous mining machinery machine widely used mining, road, railway, chemical industry, etc. It was mainly make up by six parts. The first part is rack and it is a walls rigid frame with the top and lower surface is open. Used for supporting partiality axis and to bear the reaction of crushing materials. Generally  inblock cast  by cast steel. Small machine can also used high quality iron instead of cast steel. But the rack of large machine need cast subsection, the process is more complex.

The second part is jaw plate and side guard plate,  fixed jaws and dynamic jaw were all made up by jaw bed and jaw plate. Jaw plate is working part, fixed in the jaw bed by bolts and wedge iron .The jaw bed of fixed jaw is the front wall of rack, the jaw bed of dynamic jaw was hanging in the axis. So the all need enough intensity and stiffness to sustain the counterforce of crushing .

The thired part of jaw crusher is adjusting device , adjusting device divided into wedge block type, plate type and the hydraulic, etc. Generally uses the wedge block type.

The fourth part of jaw crusher is flywheel, the flywheel of jaw crusher is used for storage trip energy of dynamic jaw, then used for industrial, make mechanical work tend to equality.

The fifth part is transmission parts, eccentric shaft is  the principal axis of jaw crusher, it is can under great bend torsion, usually manufacturing by high carbon steel.

The last main part of jaw crusher is lubrication device, eccentric shaft bearing usually  adopts concentrated circulation lubrication.

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