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The maintenance of impact crusher

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

Impact crusher is an important mining machinery machine widely used in  mining, building materials, road, chemical industry, railway , etc.  In the sand production line, impact crusher is the third procedure, the big materials broken after jaw crusher, then into the impact crusher, broken again into 20 ~ 60mm particles which the client needs. Impact crusher is a kind of crushing machine which use of impact energy. In order to ensure the continues work, extended the service life of impact crusher, users should be frequently maintain and maintenance the impact crusher.

Everyday after completion you must  conduct a comprehensive inspection of the impact crusher when the new machine start on work. And you should also do a comprehensive inspection of the  motor and lubrication  after a week of operation. The content of the examination including fixed position tightening, the belt transmission, bearing seal, counterattack foils, foils wear, etc. Establish a regular maintenance and replacement system  combined with maintenance cycle.

Replacement the quick-wear part of impact crusher: First open the back shelves. When using, first remove the bolt which connection with the cabinet shelves , then use spanner twist to the clamshell device, at last the hexagon section shelves slowly open . After opening, demolition the Split cotters, slot of nuts, bolts of fixed counterattack foils,  you can replace the counterattack foils.

Hongji is a famous impact crusher manufacturer in China which was established in 1960. If you have any need, please for free to contact us at any  time.

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