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Buy Ball Mill in China after earthquake in Japan

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

    Earthquake in Japan has in the past for more than a month, this disaster is more severe than we think of. So the post-disaster reconstruction work appear especially difficult. A lot of enterprises of Japan are faced with difficult situation after earthquake. Of course it's not except of mining machinery.

    By Japanese influence, China's mining machinery import and export face adjustments. But the impact will not be huge. After all , there are many alternative manufacturers of mining machinery industry in the world. The production of ball mill in China almost was not affected compared to other mining machinery products.

    Henan Hongji is a famous mining machinery manufacturers in China,which was established in 1960. We supply ball mill, energy saving ball mill, crusher,conveyor belt,etc. Our ball mill excellent performance, affordable, quality assurance. If you have any need,please contact us.



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