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Mining Machinery Coal Gasifier made in Hongji China

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group
   Coal gasifier is also called gas producer,is the main equipment of coal. The development and application of the Coal gasification technology is about 200 years development history. Coal gasification technology can be divided into
fixed bed, fluidized bed, air bed and molten bed according to solid and gas contact method.

    Coal gasifier is widely used in chemical, glass, mechanical metallurgy, light industry, construction, food and  textile industry. Hongji Mining Machinery is a famous coal gasifier manufacturers in China, our coal gasifier is  advanced equipment for producing mixed gas with water and steam as gasifying agent.

    The characteristics of coal gasifier are easy operation,less investment ,safe and convenient to run.  This machine can save 20% fuel than burning coal directly and save more than 60% than furnace with oil fuel.It has remarkable smoke and dust control preventive effect, this is the important equipment in heating system, and achieve environmental protection requirement.  If you have any need,please contact us.

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