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The common faults and solutions of hammer crusher made in Hongji China

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

    Hammer crusher is a common crushing equipment and widely used in mine machinery industry . Its common fault basically has the following kinds: bearing overheating ,reduce yield, elastic joints produce knock, the grain-size is too big,machine generated internally knock, etc.Now we detailed look at these faults and solutions.

A: Bearing overheating fault phenomena

Reasons: 1. Bearing damage, 2 insufficient ,3. Grease grease uncleanness metamorphic ,4. Too much grease .
Solution: 1.Replace bearings , 2. Bearings embellish fat should be 50% of its space volume ,3. Cleaning bearing , replace the grease 4. Refill moderate grease.

B:Reduce yield fault phenomena

Reason: 1. Sieve the aperture be blocked , 2.Charging uneven .
Solution: 1. Parking, cleaning the blockage crack in the screen, 2. Adjust charging institutions.

C:Elastic joints produce knock fault phenomena

Reason: 1. Elastic ring wear, 2. Pin shaft is loose .
Solution: 1. Replace elastic lap, 2. Parking and screw down pin shaft nut .

D: Machine generated internally knock Fault phenomena

Reason: 1. Foils fasteners relaxation, hammer the impact on lining board.  2. The broken objects into the machines internal  , 3. hammer or other parts fracture .
Solution: 1.Check the fastening lining board and the hammer with screen; the gap between ,2. The parking, cleaning the crushing cavity,  3. Replace fracture parts .

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Sources: http://www.chinahongji.com

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