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The new situation and problems of China mining machinery industry's export in 2011

Release date : 2014-06-23      Source : Hongji Group
   The 2011 world economy is in the recovery phase after the financial crisis, economic growth will gradually restored.

    According to the international monetary fund predicts that 2011 developed economies around the GDP will grow 2.4%, developing countries GDP will grow around 6.6%. International market demand is expected to increase,especially in our country.Because the economic and technological co-operation expands unceasingly between our country and emerging economies and developing countries.Plus,built free trade with asean, sign free trade area agreement with Chile, Peru, Singapore and other countries.The 2011 international economic environment beneficial to China machinery industry trade fast and steady development.

Facing the new situation and new problems:

    First of all, RMB appreciation pressure. On 19 June 2010, the people¡¯s bank of China announced that continue to exchange rate reform, make the exchange rate more flexible . Rise 3.2% within half a year. This will greatly increased export costs.

    Secondly, some raw materials such as steel (4730,7.00 0.15%), copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal prices are likely to rise; Labor costs rose; s bank loan interest rates rise, etc. Will increase export cost, lowering export competitiveness, make the export enterprises are facing difficulties.

    Again,the international trade protectionism growth, trade friction increases.

    According to above analysis,although there are some unfavorable  factors  and difficulties in 2011, but also many favorable factors . The world economy is recovering , our export products structure are continually optimize ,  Enterprises already have some achievements to exploit potential markets . Therefore , the 2011 machinery industrial exports will continue to growth steady and fast ,The export proportion of emerging economies and developing countries will continue improve.


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