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The working principle and introduce of vibrating feeder

Release date : 2014-06-23      Source : Hongji Group

 1. The introduce of vibrating feeder

     Vibrating feeder(feeding machine) can transport massive,granular material in the installment continuously and uniformly from feed bin. It can continuous evenly feed for crusher and avoid jam of the feeding hole in sand production line . Designed for transport large materials for coarse crusher in crushing and screening points . In the production process, it can put the massive granular materials to feed bin continuously, timing from the bunker,thus preventing crashing phenomenon of feeder for feeding by uneven,extending equipment using life.

     2. The working principle of vibrating feeder 

    The vibrating feeder is composed of feeding cavity, vibration generator, support spring and transmission device. The vibration source of the vibration case is the vibration generator, which is composed of two eccentric drafts both active and passive and gears agrege. Active draft will be driven by vee belt and gears on the active draft will joggle the passive draft to rotate, thus the two drafts will rotate simultaneously and reversly to make the bank vibrate and materials transferred continuously to fulfill the purpose of material transferring.

3. The characteristics of vibrating feeder

    Vibration smoothly,Reliable work,long life;It can adjust excitation force,change and control flow at any time,convenient adjustment stability; vibration motor as excitation source,and have low noise,jaw crusher,low electric consumption . Regulation performance, no rush material phenomenon. The most important is that it have simple structure , reliable operation. 

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