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Mining machinery industry and E-commerce in China

Release date : 2014-06-22      Source : Hongji Group
 Mining machinery industry competition appears to white-hot stage,three series competition of mill,crusher,sand making machine is particularly outstanding . Each enterprise are paying attention to the electronic commerce at this case. E-commerce,this new industry developed rapidly and drive the transformation of the traditional industries. Mining machinery industry saw the new vitality and direction.

    How to drive the enterprise developed more rapid and expansion,brings more profit space to the enterprise by e-commerce is the mining machinery production enterprise issues of concern. The previous sales model of miningmachinery industry is seeking agents and distributors, to promote enterprise products sales and development throughdistributors and dealers. But the traditional business model already caní»t adapt to the development of small andmedium-sized mining machinery. Because the continuously increased of small and medium-sized production enterprise bring the saturated of market. The enterprise competition is more and more big, the lack of market sale personnel and nervous of money collecting have all become develop obstacles of the enterprises.

    Network marketing is become a new sales mode of production enterprise. In this situation, we need to focus on thefollowing respects:
    1. Make full use of enterprise website
    2. Make full use of search engines
    3. By means of the existing e-commerce platform

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