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The countermeasures of China mine machinery in 2011

Release date : 2014-06-22      Source : Hongji Group
 China mine machinery rapid developmant in 2010,but also face many new problems stepped into 2011. Now let us see how to deal with these opportunities and challenges. Overall, have the following respects:

1. Adapt to the demand change of the international market, adjusting and optimizing the structure of export products

    After the international financial crisis occurs, countries adopted a series of measures and international market demand also have some changes. Export enterprise must adapt this change,adjustment of product structure timely,completes the service according to customer¡¯s needs. At the same time,with the domestic enterprise adjustment of product structure, and transform the development mode of progress, optimizing export product structure timely, will reduce ¡°resource-dependent¡± product export gradually.

2. Exploit potential market, pay attention to the influence of European sovereign debt crisis

    Explore the Middle East , central Asia, Latin America, Africa, eastern Europe,rotary dryer, India, Brazil, Russia and other market actively. Promoting export market diversification, trying to make up for the lost share market of the eu and the United States .

3. Continue to ¡°go out¡±, intensify efforts internationalized management

    In recent years , Some strong enterprise of our country achieve the effect from launch international operations . Some are gradually establish a network of global sales and services, created a very good conditions of further expand exports.

4. To grasp the opportunity of expand import, improving self-directed innovation capability

    On the one hand, the enterprise should fully use the state¡¯s policy of encourage imports,introducing the advanced technology, equipment and kep components of the products. On the other hand, should improve the ability of independent innovation.

5. Create a condition actively, Efforts to boost cross-border yuan trade settlement.

Sources: http://www.chinahongji.com

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