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The influence to China Mining Machinery industry from Japanese earthquake

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group
    Beijing time on March 11,Japanese waters around maizuru, Richter 9.0 magnitude earthquake.By this earthquake is influencing the NOK , Its biggest sealers bar mill production factory is located in f island, is the worst-hit areas of the earthquake.

     The northeast factory of   Komatsu Japanese companies by certain influence , but komatsu in changzhou production base still  is running well now, was not seriously affected by the earthquake in Japan.

     Japan is the important origin of global engineering machinery and the key parts.we think, after the earthquake in Japan for domestic mining machinery effects may include:

1) the domestic companies constraints of high-end parts;

2)the influence of global mining machinery supply of Japanese enterprise damaged;

3) Japan post-disaster reconstruction pulled mining machinery needs;

    Now look, domestic manufacturers spare parts stock basic in 2 months,little influence on short-term,But if Japan related companies severely damaged, may restrict  productivity release of domestic mining machinery .

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